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Welcome to Danfoss Semco A/S

Safe and reliable in every corner of our business

Welcome to Danfoss Semco A/S

Research and Development is a key aspect of our business

Welcome to Danfoss Semco A/S

Final testing in order to ensure the highest quality

Welcome to Danfoss Semco A/S

Extensive project management in all departments

Welcome to Danfoss Semco A/S

High-end and efficient nozzle production

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  • China Fire stand

    Strong Danfoss Semco representation at China Fire 2015 fair

    The Danfoss Semco’s portfolio at the China Fire… View

  • CEN and CCCF approval

    The first water mist producer in China to have CCCF approval

    Outstanding quality and performance is crucial for Danfoss Semco… View

  • Childrens day_Fi_meet the CEO_nov 2015_70x78pix

    We want to be an attractive workplace

    Showing your workplace to your children during our… View

  • mercyship_fi_news_marine

    Fire fighting system for Mercy Ships’ hospital vessel

    Mercy Ships’ new hospital ship to double the… View

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